Within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation enacted by the EU with regard to privacy, this document aims to provide you with further information on Litterate’s privacy policy, but also about the nature, retrieval and use of the data you provide.

Your data will be collected and used solely within the context of your contractual relationship with me, Nicky Wijns, founder of Litterate.

Depending on the nature of the assignment and the purpose of the data processing, some of the information I ask you to provide is mandatory, and some is not.

The most important data collected includes the following:

  • Your name or company name
  • First and last name of the contact person to whom the quote and/or invoice will be sent
  • Address on the invoice to be issued
  • VAT number of the company (if applicable)
  • Telephone numbers (mobile phone and landline)
    • For invoicing purposes
    • For the purpose of the assignment to be completed
  • Email address for communicating about and delivering the job

The data collected in this manner will not be used outside of the scope of our working relationship.

Data will not be resold to third parties, such as companies selling databases for newsletters.

There will be no exchange of information, except within the specific context of a contract entrusted to a subcontractor, whereby Litterate and the relevant subcontractor will sign a binding agreement subject to the same conditions regarding the non-sharing of information.

Bank details are not collected at any time, except for the purpose of raising an invoice or credit note addressed to you.

Your personal data will only be used to fulfill my contractual and legal obligations. Within the context of a working relationship with a private individual, I always include a transparency statement in the contract we sign.

Like the current privacy policy, this transparency statement is a guarantee for you regarding the protection of your personal data and transparency on how it is used.

This statement is updated as often as necessary.

The website may contain links to third party websites whose privacy policies may differ from those of Litterate. For this reason, I ask that you read their privacy policy carefully before providing any personal information on these sites given the fact they are subject to their own privacy policy.

Litterate cannot be held liable for the management of your data on external sites, including those of partners.

I may send you newsletters from time to time to keep you up to date on news pertaining to Litterate or other regulations that should be taken into account such as updates to the privacy policy or other topics that may be of interest to you.

Should you prefer not to receive this type of information or newsletters from Litterate, you can notify us of this at any time. We will automatically take your wishes in this regard into account.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at I will reply to your message as soon as possible.

In order to remain compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation and Belgian privacy legislation, this privacy policy will be amended as often as necessary. The most recent version will always be published on the website.