Online classes through Skype require a different approach compared to regular, face to face classes.

headset-707889_1920 kleinSome features of online classes with Litterate:
– They are completely focused on verbal skills.
– During the class, you can easily and quickly take notes or consult an online dictionary.
– You do not have to travel to the class location, you can pursue classes where and whenever you like.
– You can plan short, efficient language practice sessions in your daily routine.

I specifically recommend online classes for those who want to prepare for a presentation, or who will soon have a job interview or want to be coached in Dutch in whatever other way. These kinds of classes are better suited to those who have an intermediate to advanced level. In any case it is important that you can practise the language in another way, apart from the online classes.

These classes take place during the day and take 30, 45 or 60 minutes.
You will prepare yourself by reading a text, watching a video, thinking about some questions, writing a short text,… This way, during classes you will be able to focus on speaking skills solely.