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CNaVT is short for “Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal” (“Certificate for Dutch as a Foreign Language”).

CNaVT-exams are meant for people:
– who have some knowledge of Dutch and
– would like to prove their language knowledge by means of a certificate.

As an examination partner, Litterate is qualified to organise these exams. In order to prepare you for the exams as efficiently as possible, I developed a course package:
– 5 classes during which you will practice with sample exams;
– if need be, extra classes are planned to tackle certain linguistic difficulties;
– the exam itself.

The exams are organised every year in May, which means you can start the preparation course as of February. The classes and exam are held at my home address (Lambermontplaats, Antwerp).

Have a look on the website for more information on the different levels, the exams and certificates.