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Allow me to present myself: my name is Nicky Wijns and I created Litterate in 2012.


When I was still very young, I fell in in love with languages and everything associated with them. I cherish warm memories from my first library visit when I was six, and my first French classes when I was ten.
Studying languages and literature was a natural progression from my early passion, as was starting a career in the communication and education sector.
I began freelancing as a Dutch tutor. In the meantime, I gradually moved into the world of translation and copywriting. Thanks to my experience and professionalism in different fields, Litterate became the first point of contact for high quality and professional language and communication services. I mostly work with independent professionals, SME’s and private persons and I focus on the Belgian market.


Litterate is there for you when it comes to:
– translations from French, English and Russian into Dutch;
– text revision and editing (Dutch only);
– copywriting (Dutch only);
– personalised language training in Dutch, French and Russian.